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Why engaging your people will lead to better customer service

Happy customers have long been the most important thing in most businesses. Recently, though employers are starting to understand the increasing importance of having happy employees. Happy employees make for happy customers which makes a happy employer. Not that customer service isn't important, but is it more important than happy employees? Recent research shows that engaged employees are more likely to be happier, work harder and take less time off.

Engaged employees are 17% more productive than those who aren't engaged with their job

 State of the American Workplace - Gallup

The Cost of Dis-engagement

Research shows that in the UK only 1/3 of the workforce are actively engaged in their employment, resulting in an estimated cost of £2,048 per employee. Engagement means that employees will be happier, more invested in their employment and therefore more likely to bring in great business or do the best job they can.If you have ever hired someone, you know how time-consuming and cost-inefficient it can be. Sometimes you don't even end up filling a post until months later, putting additional strain on your team. According to a report, 51% percent of employees are currently looking for a new job. Employee engagement can help keep your employees satisfied with their current job, meaning you don't spend all of your time hiring new employees.

If you're doing something you like, you know that you're more likely to work harder, give it your best. If you're emotionally connected to what you're doing, you want to do a good job with it. Engaged employees are 17% more productive than those who aren't engaged with their job.

Engaged employees are also less likely to take time off & 2.7 days off compared to 6.7 days for those who aren't engaged. If your employees don't enjoy their job, they won't feel responsibility so are more likely to take a day off without thinking about the consequences for their employer or the rest of the team.

Increase Engagement In Your Employees

If you recognise any of these things in your employees, it might be time to consider how engaged they are with their job. Weekly10 is a quick and simple performance management platform which can help your team with their engagement while at the same time, reduce the amount of time they spend writing up formal reports. Employees take 10 minutes every week to answer a few questions about their job, including any achievements or problems that have arisen. The employer then takes five minutes (per employee) to look over these reports and respond and give feedback & including taking any action that needs to be taken.

It has a simple and user-friendly interface, with dedicated dashboards for both employees and management. It uses an embedded report form & which makes it easy to ensure that nothing is left out, and the reports are used to their maximum efficiency. Weekly10 is also available to use on most mobile platforms and can be optimised to send you notifications to remind your employees to fill in their report. This is especially important as most of us are constantly on the go these days & particularly remote or lone workers, this gives them a chance to be a part of the team without the need to be at a computer. Weekly10 can replace regular supervisions or 1-1's & meaning saved time, no diary shuffling to fit everyone in and overall better employee engagement. Think it's time to produce more efficient, more productive and happier employees which will have a knock-on effect on the rest of the business? Have a look at what Weekly10 can offer your company and get ready to improve your employee engagement.

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