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OKR align personal goals with business strategy in one software

Keep employees and teams aligned to company objectives with OKRs. Shift your focus from inputs to impact. And build better engagement and performance because your people can see their contribution.

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OKR software: Everyone’s aligned to the same high-level objectives

OKRs give your people and managers visibility, transparency, and accountability. They show employees the direct impact they have on high-level objectives. Strategic objectives are aligned from the CEO to the newest employee via a OKR software. This creates a culture where everybody knows where they’re going and how fast they’ll get there.

Set OKRs that work
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Encourage role autonomy with clear priorities

When staff know what their role, purpose and goals are, they can prioritise their workload efficiently and effectively. For maximum impact. Every time they use our software to check-in, employees are reminded of their OKRs. This keeps them focused on their deliverables and clear on their contribution to your company’s success. No matter how or where you work, your managers are always in the know about how their teams are performing.

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Real-time OKR tracking for managers and employees

Managers have full visibility of their team’s objectives. This means they can step in early with a solid action plan for under-performers and set stretch targets for overachievers. And thanks to the way our software roll-ups up OKRs, managers and employees can also see the impact they have on the wider business. If company objectives shift and OKRs are no longer appropriate, no problem! With a few quick clicks, you can update all Objectives – efficiency at its finest.

OKRs in Microsoft Teams

The team know our KPIs and sales targets. And are reminded of these every time they complete their Weekly10 check-in.

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