Our Story

So, what’s our story?

Giving someone a voice is easy but it’s listening and taking action that creates impact. And that starts with our two-way transparent feedback software.

Weekly10 transparent feedback software

Weekly10 is built for employees, not just HR.

Weekly10 was born through frustration.

Our Founder and CEO Andy Roberts was fed up with the way performance reviews were a box-ticking exercise. They were led by HR, not managers and their teams. Taking part was more important than the outcome.

He also found it tough to check-in with his team of 50 developers working around the world in different time zones.

So, he did what any developer does. He wrote his own software to fix it. That’s what makes Weekly10 different. It’s built for employees, not just HR.

It helps employees and their managers to have better conversations. It helps teams check-in regularly with their managers to celebrate successes and ask for help. And to understand what’s expected through performance management updates.

Weekly10 has transformed massively since it was first created. It now helps you with workplace wellbeing, performance management and goal setting too. And it’s all built on advanced artificial intelligence.

But what’s remained is the heart: the Weekly10 check-in.

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Weekly10 Our Story Begins with Transparent Feedback Software

We exist to help managers and their teams to have honest, meaningful conversations in the workplace.

That’s because companies are more successful (and profitable) when their people are treated as humans not resources.

Managers are better equipped to understand and respond quickly to issues. Leaders can make critical decisions based on facts not hearsay.

And working alongside happy engaged people makes better business sense.



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