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OKR's or SMART Goals: We've Got You Covered

Keep your employees in the loop on corporate objectives, and on task with Weekly10's performance management tools, including individual, team and department goals and OKRs.

Improve company-wide performance with our weekly OKR and SMART goal updates.

8 out of 10 employees say traditional appraisals don't work. That's why Weekly10 takes a fresh approach to Performance Management, allowing your employees to stay engaged, aligned and motivated

Choose your approach

With Weekly10 you are free to choose the best mechanism that works for your business; OKRs or SMART goals.

The setting of SMART goals is a long-practiced methodology within performance management. It's no surprise then that many of our clients utilise SMART goals within their Weekly10 process.

OKRs are a relatively newer approach to continuous goal setting and originated out of Yahoo and Google. They focus more on stretch targets and tying everything back to a few key company objectives.

Ensure goal relevancy through our continuous process

As part of the weekly check-in, employees can also review their current goals and update managers on progress.

This habitual behaviour means week in week out, your staff are ensuring the work they are assigned is still relevant to organisational objectives. If goals set weeks and months back are no longer pertinent, then changes can be made, keeping your business agile and productive.

Whether it's OKR or SMART, Weekly10 is the perfect partner for your performance ambitions

SMART goals and OKRs for employees help keep your company on top of performance management.

Reviews done right

Our performance review function allows managers to pull all relevant OKR/SMART goal data from any custom timeframe into a review template. At the click of a few buttons, a bespoke review can be created for every team member.

This approach means the majority of review preparation is done in seconds rather than hours and removes the impact of recency bias, so rife within regular review meetings.

Keep objectives visible

Set goals and objectives at all levels of an organisation, providing teams and employees with the ability to align with corporate objectives. Weekly10's regular check-ins ensure that personal goals stay relevant and at the forefront of the employee's mind.

Research has shown that a clear understanding of why a task is important and where a company is heading is key in achieving positive employee engagement thus boosting productivity.

Learn how Mr Fothergills use a weekly check-in

to engage all of their employees.

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