Making development and performance conversations more timely at Flight Centre UK

While people have always been the key focus for Flight Centre, some processes and tools had become stale and ineffective. Weekly10 is helping the team reshape the employee experience through frequent, open feedback and more timely 1:1s.

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With a history stretching back 40 years, more than 8,000 staff and operating across a dozen countries, Flight Centre is one of the best-known brands in travel. During lockdown they wanted to improve the quality of conversations they were having internally, so turned to Weekly10 for help.

We spoke to a member of their HR team to better understand how Weekly10 is supporting them to improve processes for communication, development and performance.

Challenge: How to improve development and performance processes at Flight Centre UK

We’ve always been keen to ensure our people are listened to and their development needs are taken care of. However, our processes hadn’t kept up with that ambition and things had become a bit stale and ineffective.

One of the big issues we had was that conversations weren’t being had between managers and their teams. Or if they were they weren't happening at the right times and issues were being left to fester and grow.

The added challenge of COVID-19 highlighted how a new approach to not only development but performance in general and communication was needed.

Weekly10: The right employee performance solution

As a team we set out looking for a solution that not only helped us better understand the rapidly changing employee experience during lockdown, but something that would help us improve how we all shared feedback. We really wanted to understand the wants, needs and thoughts of our people both short-term and longer.

We looked at a number of solutions. Many were seen as market leaders and the same few names kept cropping up. But nothing seemed to be quite right. Then we had a demo with Weekly10.

Its heavy focus on an employee check-in, the importance of feedback and how to leverage that feedback to improve a range of people processes sounded great to us. The additional benefit of being able to curate and schedule 1:1s off the back of a check-in was a real bonus.

The team have been super friendly and helpful with getting us up and running. More importantly, they are still there post-launch. They are on hand all the time to support us when we need them.

Weekly10 is helping us have really powerful, quality performance and development conversations that are more open and more honest.

HR Executive, Flight Centre UK

Results: How Weekly10 is improving Flight Centre's employee culture

The big win is that we now really do understand what our people need and how we can help them. Feedback is being shared on a high-frequency basis between managers and employees in a way it just wasn’t before.

As a result we are having better quality conversations more often. We have more focussed 1:1s that really help our people get the support and opportunities they need to grow. As a result they're more engaged, happier and best equipped to continue to deliver great service to our customers.