Check-ins, performance and wellbeing software for educators

Giving your teaching and support staff the tools and tech that supports personal development, continuous learning, and wellbeing. All while reducing 90% of performance review prep time.

Weekly10 Engagement software for education
Weekly10 Engagement software for education that supports your teaching team

Support your teaching team with frequent, fast check-ins

When you put your people first, they’re able to concentrate on getting the best from their pupils.

We take the guesswork and subjectivity out of understanding how your teaching staff are really feeling. The Weekly10 check-in helps your people to focus on their successes and struggles, ask for help and call out great teamwork, and track their performance all in one place. This builds trust and deepens your peoples’ sense of belonging.

Weekly10 Engagement software for education spots warning signs earlier

Spot warning signs earlier, offer support sooner

Early intervention is possible because your team get into the habit of checking-in regularly, sharing their success and struggles. Our engagement software for education gives you real-time insights into staff mood so you and your managers can resolve issues before they escalate. Spot burn out sooner.

You may not get face-to-face time with all your teaching staff each week, but the Weekly10 check-in keeps you up to date with their achievements and follow their progress.

Weekly10 Engagement software for education takes the pain out of performance reviews

Take the pain out of performance reviews

There are no nasty surprises during performance reviews because your teachers have had frequent feedback from their managers all year.

Our engagement software for education makes it quick and easy to prep for performance reviews. 90% quicker in fact. Your staff just pre-populate their review with check-in updates, performance metrics and feedback from their Weekly10 check-in history.



The little but often approach means I get to see ground-level insights that would have been missed in ad hoc meetings

Daniel Locke-Wheaton

Principal, Aston University Engineering Academy

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