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Employee engagement analytics that tell the whole story

Build a better company culture using weekly trend data with context rather than snapshot surveys.

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Predict future employee engagement based on past events

Long tail trends give better insight into how your people feel rather than snapshot surveys, and employee engagement analytics give you the context behind results. That’s because they show short-term peaks and troughs and tell you where to focus today for the biggest impact tomorrow.

You can see the impact of company events, acquisitions, or world news to predict how your people will react in the future: but crucially, this allows you to plan for possible dips before they happen.

Weekly10 Employee engagement trend data predict future performance

Use engagement trend data to improve team performance

Identify your most engaged or productive employees and teams to learn what’s working.

Easily compare the sentiment of teams that are over performing to those that are lagging, so you can evaluate if this is a blip or a steady decline, an isolated case or company-wide. Employee engagement trend data also helps you to understand the root cause and make decisions based on facts not speculation. That is: it gives you the data you need to make changes for a quick result.

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Track your engagement highs and lows

Trend analysis tools means you don’t need to rely on traditional pulse surveys to understand how your people feel. Focus instead on tracking behaviours and engagement over time with insights gathered during your regular Weekly10 check-ins to really pinpoint what’s going on.

Filter to any time, team, office or location to see the impact of key company events, programmes or news and the opportunity to see the impact for similar future events.

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