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Keep your people engaged with a weekly check-in

The weekly employee check-in creates the regular space and time for your people to boost their own engagement and performance. And all it takes is just 10 minutes.

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Build a culture of trust with two-way feedback

Make it easier for your employees and their managers to have honest conversations around performance. The employee check-in makes it easier and quicker to give and receive feedback that’s specific and timely. This builds trust and deepens your employees’ sense of belonging. Employee check-ins also give you real-time insights into company mood so you, your managers, and senior leaders can resolve issues before they escalate.

Regular feedback shifts you away from traditional performance reviews, which aren’t very useful anyway. Even the Wall Street Journal agrees!

Engaged employees perform better

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Celebrate team success during your weekly check-in

Discretionary effort often goes unnoticed. The @mentions feature in your Weekly10 check-in reminds your people to say thank you or call out the great work their colleagues are doing. Recognition feels more authentic coming from colleagues rather than managers, and boosts morale. It’s also a great way to encourage cross-company collaboration.

The nominee and their manager get a notification, helping raise their profile and their day.

Recognition boosts engagement
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Ask for support through an employee check-in

The Weekly10 check-in gives your people the right process to raise concerns because they know they’ll be listened to. But crucially, they know they’ll get honest feedback from their manager. It’s also a great way to ask for help to support personal development.

Because it’s weekly, the check-in makes open, honest conversations a regular thing rather than a quarterly review. And small, regular change is easier to sustain than step change transformation.

Manager feedback is key
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Powerful insights for you and your people managers

Each employee check-in is analysed for tone and sentiment, and powers all your AI-driven dashboards. This shows how the people in your company are really feeling and performing. From the whole company down to individual teams. Make decisions based on trends not impulse or snapshots feedback.

All while keeping check-in details totally private between manager and employee.

Engagement dashboards

Our people love it! It’s an essential tool for us, and any business that really cares about helping their people to be their best self.

Hannah Saunders

CEO & Founder | Toddle

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