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Performance management software built for employees

Give your people the framework to manage their own professional development with Weekly10 performance management software.

Performance management software for employees
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High performance starts with a check-in

Employees complete a regular 10 minute employee check-in. This builds their body of performance evidence each time they check-in.

Managers get regular feedback, inspiring incremental improvements and micro-realignments each week. It’s the 1% rule. Make small changes often to deliver big impacts earlier.

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Goals create clarity around performance expectations

Goals form the second part of the employee check-in. It keeps them top of mind, so employees are focused but agile. Employees see how their work feeds into overall business success each time they check-in through the performance management software. And managers know who needs support or could benefit from bigger goals.

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Performance management review software

Up to 90% less performance review prep

Employees build their body of performance evidence each time they check-in. And it’s simple to drag and drop updates into review agendas, saving up to 90% of performance management prep.

These regular touch points mean management have an early warning system through the software, should performance drop or issues crop up.

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Cross-reference engagement with performance data

HR and managers can combine engagement with performance insights to get early warning signs for staff attrition. Or understand which teams are over performing but at risk of burnout.

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Performance management software built for employees

Weekly10 gives your people the framework to manage their own success with continuous performance management. We do that with our employee check-in that starts better performance conversations.

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