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“Weekly10 facilitates really powerful conversations around performance and development. As well as instant visibility to how people are feeling. And how they can be better supported by their manager.”

Weekly10 Customer - Flight Centre - Will Leonelli

Will Leonelli

Flight Centre

“Weekly10 is such a great platform. It’s transformed our feedback and performance management process.”

Weekly10 Customer - Mitak - Nita Andhee

Nita Andhee


“The average time it takes our managers to prepare for annual reviews has dropped by 80%”

Weekly10 customer - Mr Fothergills - James Nutt

James Nutt

Mr Fothergill's

“We’re able to see in near real-time how the business is performing and where employee goals need updating. Instead of waiting for a performance review to roll around.”

Weekly10 customer Magenta Insurance Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor

Magenta Insurance
Weekly10 performance management software

Your people feel heard, valued and visible

Your people don’t hate performance reviews. They hate how they’re done. That’s where the Weekly10 frequent feedback framework helps. More feedback, more insights, more often.

Your people feel heard, valued and visible because performance conversations become part of everyday life through light-touch feedback. That means you spend 90% less time and energy to prep for performance conversations. Because check-in history and feedback create agendas which practically write themselves.

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Goals and OKRs keep focus

Put your people in control of their own performance and development. Set, align and update goals within the employee check-in. Regular reminders mean your people stay focused on their objectives. And because OKRs are transparent, your people can see how they’re contributing to team and company goals.

Your managers get real visibility, shining a light on top performers and identifying those who need help. And it changes behaviours. Weekly10 makes performance reviews effortless and effective.

Weekly10 - Analytics - Recognition

Dashboards with real value

Spot your most engaged or productive employees and teams to learn what’s working. Real-time dashboards that show managers, HR and senior leaders how their people are really feeling and performing. Get accurate engagement, sentiment and and performance insights based on weekly check-ins.

Easily compare the sentiment of teams that are over performing to those that are lagging. Is it a blip or a steady decline, an isolated case or company-wide? Understand root cause and make decisions based on facts.

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