HR Dept is a Weekly10 partner. They’re bringing engagement and performance best practice to their growing clients.

As both a partner and customer of Weekly10, this agile Sydney-based HR consultancy is uniquely positioned to champion all the benefits a weekly employee check-in can offer.

Weekly10 Employee Performance Tracking Software

The HR Dept Eastern Suburbs Sydney recommends Weekly10​

Being a Weekly10 partner helps The HR Dept Eastern Suburbs Sydney to improve their customers’ employee engagement and staff performance by introducing processes that focus on regular, transparent feedback.​

Esther Coleman first learnt about Weekly10 when one of her clients showed her how they were using it. She’s since rolled it out to more of her clients. ​

It’s based on the Weekly10 check-in, which employees complete on web or the mobile App, or through Microsoft Teams or Slack. There are two levels to choose from depending on your focus: boosting engagement or managing performance.​

Anyone can run an employee engagement survey. That’s why Weekly10 is better – it’s based on behavioural psychology to get to the heart of what your people aren’t telling you.

Esther Colman​
Director, HR Dept Eastern Suburbs Sydney ​

Weekly10 is a no-brainer​

The CEO at one of my clients was impressed with the engagement insights in the analytics dashboards. They’re easy to read and show you clearly what needs to be improved, and how to do it. ​

Retaining your best talent is critical in smaller companies. The best way to do that is show them they’re seen and valued. The Weekly10 check-in encourages better two-way, transparent communication between managers and their teams, as well as peer recognition. ​

We work with a lot of start-ups and small businesses who have no formal HR processes. Or if they do, they’re paper-based or use something like Excel or Google Sheets. So much time is spent filling in forms, chasing people and processing the data. ​

Smaller companies often find it hard to justify spending money on tech, but the time they save and rich insights they gain far outweighs the investment. ​

It’s a win-win for you and your clients​

Weekly10 is easy to use, even more so when it’s used in Microsoft Teams. Adoption is high because employees love the format and frequency of the Weekly10 check-in.   ​

The onboarding process is clear, and your customer success partner is there every step of the way if you need it. And there’s no hidden onboarding or set-up fees. What you see is all that you pay.​

All the Weekly10 check-in history feeds into the review process. Employees don’t have to think back to what happened 10 months ago – it’s all right there for them to pull into their agenda. 

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