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Make one-to-one meetings more meaningful

The manager/employee relationship is built on trust. It’s critical for high engagement and great performance. Our 1 on 1 meeting software can help.

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1:1 meeting agenda from weekly check-in history

Build trust and transparency with better 1 on 1 meetings

Remote  and flexible working means managers and their teams aren’t always aligned on time or tasks. So, when it’s time to meet, we help to your 1 on 1 meeting count. Keep the conversation focused, timely and evidence-based by using Weekly10 check-in history. And take the guesswork and “as I remember it” out of your conversations.

How the check-in works
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A framework for managers to follow

Build 1:1 meetings between managers and employees into your regular performance conversation cycle to ensure everyone gets the support they need. Keep track and easily check-in on key action progress with our 1 on 1 meeting software.

Pull in any data from check-ins, 360° feedback and even training certificates and records. Ensure you have all you need to make your next 1 to 1 meeting an effective, meaningful discussion, not a tick-box exercise.

Performance management
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Make 1 on 1 meetings a safe space for employees

One to one meetings become the place for employees to share concerns, ask for help, and discuss their career aspirations. It’s also the place to share successes. Managers have the tools and knowledge to support their team when they understand how each person is feeling and performing. And HR can make sure that these critical meetings happen.

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