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Get real-time insights into how your people are feeling and performing. Empower your people and their managers to drive their own engagement and success with our enterprise performance management software.

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Understanding sentiment through the Weekly10 check-in

A neat process that your people will enjoy

When you put your people first, they take care of your customers and the financial results follow.

We take the guess work out of understanding how your people are really feeling. The Weekly10 check-in helps your people to focus on their successes,  ask for help if they’re struggling, and give a virtual high five to anyone who’s gone above and beyond. They can also set, align and track their goals too. Managers get a clear picture of their team’s performance. And employees get regular feedback to drive their own performance and engagement.

Everyone gets their own dashboard in our enterprise performance management software to keep track of their progress.

The Weekly10 check-in

Weekly10 employee engagement software for SMEs to help managers

Managers have the tools to develop their people

Regular, two-way feedback is important to be more engaged and perform well. It also gives managers early warning signs before issues they escalate.

But giving and getting feedback can be tough. Weekly10 enterprise performance management software gives your employees and managers a consistent framework to have better performance conversations. The weekly check-in collects feedback from employee to manager, and vice versa. It also captures 360 feedback too, the best tool for personal development.

The impact of regular feedback
Weekly10 employee engagement software

Complete visibility for your senior team

Give your senior team the data they need to make better business decisions based on how your people are feeling and performing. Now, not in 6 month’s time.

Different processes and manager capabilities mean your employee experience is inconsistent. It also means lots of admin. Weekly10 enterprise performance management software gets everyone using the same process and reporting structure to drive engagement, measure performance and track goals.

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“Weekly10 facilitates really powerful conversations around performance and development. As well as instant visibility to how people are feeling. And how they can be better supported by their manager.”

Weekly10 Customer - Flight Centre - Will Leonelli

Will Leonelli

Flight Centre

“We have remote workers, on the road, factory workers who don’t have their own work email as well as the people in the office. They’re all engaging, which is just brilliant.”

Weekly10 customer Mr Fothergill's James Nutt

James Nutt

Mr Fothergill's

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