10Pulse Employee Engagement Measure

The secret to improving employee engagement

10Pulse measures employee engagement without Q12 or pulse surveys. It helps you understand which areas of engagement are thriving or failing so you can focus your efforts on the areas that matter.

10Pulse employee engagement
10Pulse employee engagement matrixt

Understand which areas of staff engagement need focus

10Pulse shows how you’re doing against the five key components we measure for employee engagement. That is to say, you can see how your people track against advocacy, discretionary effort, feeling valued, job satisfaction, and pride.

Weekly10 provides the overall and factor scores at organisation, department and team levels within our analytics dashboard. Use these insights to understand what’s working and what’s not, so you can focus your efforts on the areas that need improving.

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10Pulse employee engagement dashboard

Compare insights across teams and regions

Measure and compare engagement across the whole company or drill down to team level and then see whose team is most engaged. After that, apply the learnings to others. Step in early before issues escalate.

Measure employee engagement using sentiment analytics from your Weekly10 check-in updates: that includes how often your people check-in, whether or not your managers provide feedback, and also goal updates.

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10Pulse sentiment chart

Measure employee engagement without surveys

Your people’s e10Pulse insights come from the updates they submit as part of their Weekly10 check-in. We take the context and tone of voice, turning that into a score you can measure.

Employees feel seen and heard. That’s because they’re not completing a survey. They’re starting a two-way conversation between them and their manager. All while building their portfolio of performance successes. Your Employee engagement measurements are a by-product of their check-in.

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