SMART goals keep focus on the metrics that matter

Keep your people focused on the tasks that will make the most impact. Align these with business goals so employees can see their contribution.

SMART goals software from Weekly10
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Ditch set-and-forget SMART goals forever

Weekly10 makes it quick and easy for your employees to stay focused on their goals. That’s because when employees complete their check-in, they’re reminded of their goals. This keeps them top of mind and gently nudges them to refocus. Our SMART goal software also helps staff and managers understand progress versus expectations, and keeps everyone aligned.

Use goals in your performance conversations
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Managers know how their team is performing in real-time

With our SMART goal software, managers have full visibility of their team’s goals. This means they can step in early with a solid action plan for under-performers and set stretch targets for overachievers. And thanks to goal roll-up, managers and employees can also see the impact those goals have on the wider business. If company objectives shift and goals are no longer appropriate, no problem! With a few quick clicks, you can update all goals – efficiency at its finest.

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Focus on deliverables with SMART goals

SMART goals are simple to set and easy to track when they’re updated regularly through the Weekly10 check-in. Goals can be public, team, or private. This means they’re fully flexible to how you and your people work. You could use team goals for projects and private goals for personal development, or in any way that suits the needs of your company.

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