Workplace Wellbeing

A weekly check-in that supports better workplace wellbeing

Support your people to be their best self with a weekly employee check-in that starts better conversations around engagement, performance and wellbeing.

Weekly10 workplace wellbeing
Weekly10 workplace wellbeing Making conversations about wellbeing the norm

Making conversations about mental health the norm

Workplace cultures built on honesty and two-way communication are better for employee wellbeing. Having happy, healthy, engaged people should be a priority for every company whether your people are based at home or the office.

Companies with clear wellbeing strategies have 44% higher employee engagement and 31% less absence due to sickness.

Weekly10 workplace wellbeing gives you access to confidential questions

Confidential questions for getting wellbeing help

Use employee wellbeing questions in your Weekly10 check-in. Route the responses directly to your wellbeing team, rather than your employees’ manager, for quick and confidential support.

Give your people regular updates about any mental or financial support. Your people can ask for help earlier rather than suffer in silence. Ask questions weekly or ad hoc based on engagement or performance levels.

Weekly10 Workplace Wellbeing breaks the stigma of talking about mental health

Break the stigma of talking about wellbeing

Poor communication means employees feel isolated and disengaged. The regular, journal-style of the workplace wellbeing check-in helps managers and their teams have better conversations about personal matters, without being intrusive or overbearing.

When we feel comfortable to bring our whole selves to work, we’re more engaged and feel like we belong. Our engagement and performance naturally improves too as a result.

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