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Thanks for visiting our stand at the Festival of Work 2022. If you’d like to learn more about engagement performance and OKRs in Microsoft Teams, then you’re in the right place.

Weekly10 Employee Performance Tracking Software
Festival of Work flyer

Festival of Work

Here’s a copy of our on-stand flyer. It walks you through how our frequent feedback framework works. You’ll see how Weekly10 is different. It’s designed for your people, not just HR. Learn how we help you move away from tick-box HR processes to conversations that make a difference.

You can also get an extra copy of our aeroplane template and enter our competition to win an iPad.

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festival of work OKR talk deck

How to set OKRs that work

Didn’t get the chance to attend our talk? Here’s a copy of the presentation.

Andy walked us through a brief history of OKRs. He showed us how to write a great OKR with some inspiration from Buzz Lightyear. And then summarised with 4 key takeaways.

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See how we stack up

There’s the old way of managing employee performance, engagement, and goals. And then there’s the right way. But how do you choose the best performance management software? Download our latest G2 industry report to see how we stack up against the usual suspects in the engagement, performance, and OKR space. And why our Microsoft Teams-first roadmap makes Weekly10 the clear choice for engagement, performance and goal management.

Weekly10 | Improve employee feedback using Weekly10 in Microsoft Teams

Built for teams who use Microsoft Teams

We don’t all work the same way or in the same place. And learning new tech or remembering new passwords is just a pain. That’s why more than 70% of our customers use Weekly10 through Microsoft Teams. Adoption is higher, and roll-out is super simple. It’s a quick add-on via the Microsoft app store.

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See what the Weekly10 check-in powers

See the difference a Weekly10 check-in makes

Give your employees the power to be at their very best each and every day. All it takes is a 10 minute employee check-in from Weekly10.

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