A simple way to create, track and manage OKRs

The process of tracking OKRs with Weekly10 won’t
disrupt your employees' workflow.
Its simple and lightweight.

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Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

A simple easy to use process

Weekly10 helps structure your OKR process without slowing the business down. Using metric and SMART based goals, you can create individual, team and company-wide objectives.

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A continuous process

A different approach to Objectives & Key Results

Monitoring and keeping goals relevant and current ensures your team are never far from your business objectives. Individuals quickly set the status of the objective or goal each week, ensuring it plays a central role to the way they work on a daily basis.

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Export your data

Out of the box and custom reports

Export updates and metrics to pdf or Excel for offline viewing and analysis. Custom reporting is available across all of your team's performance data.

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OKRs on mobile!

Our lightweight process and multi-platform mobile web app ensures that all your employees can keep track of objectives & goals - where ever they are.

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