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An employee check-in anywhere, any time, for all your favourite channels

Whether you are a desktop-based Teams user or an on the go Slack fan, whether your an Apple die-hard or a lover of all things Android, our bespoke employee engagement & performance management integrations provide flexibility for all our different ways of working.

An ever growing library of employee engagement integrations

Are you a Slacker?

Slack is one of the leading workplace communication tools on the market today. It helps keep conversation targetted, efficient and best of all, reduces emails. It is used and loved by progressive companies around the globe daily.

That is why our Slack app is built from the ground up to replicate the Weekly10 process within the familiar environment of Slack. Give feedback, update your goals, recognise the impact of your colleagues and share successes or issues all through 'slash commands'.

Single-sign on

No one wants yet another password to remember (and forget) if it can be avoided. With our range of SSO options, you won't need to.

Whether you're using Slack, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 or G-Suite, you can import users to Weekly10 from leading work-based solutions and use the same credentials that your staff already use daily.

We have bespoke video and web demos for all integrations and apps, why not check one out?

On the road? Go mobile!

Across many industries, staff may well not have access to a workplace computer. In others, staff may spend 95% of time on the road or working remotely. In these instances, flexibility and the convenience it offers can be hugely important.

So say hello to our native mobile app available for iOS and Android. It replicates the online Weekly10 experience to a tee, so all employees have the opportunity to engage with the process and help you build a better culture within your business.

More of a Teams business?

Microsoft Teams is a great tool for inter-team and company-wide communication, and with it replacing the super popular Skype for Business in 2019, clearly, its use is only going to rise.

Hence why we built a custom app for integrating Weekly10 within the Teams interface. Download it today and give it a whirl to see how a focus on a weekly employee check-in via Microsoft Teams can boost your company's performance.

Employee engagement and performance management on mobile

Learn how Mr Fothergills use our employee engagement integrations

to engage all of their employees.

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