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No-one wants more software. That’s why our employee check-in software integrations for Microsoft Teams and Viva, Slack and G-Suite are so popular.

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check-in software integration for microsoft teams

Check-in through Microsoft Teams to drive engagement and performance

If you use Microsoft, then chances are, you’ll use Microsoft Teams or Viva. The Weekly10 check-in software integration sits neatly into your Microsoft environment so uptake is high and using it’s simple.

Your employees can do their weekly check-in, review and update their goals, or start their next performance conversation with their manager. Managers can review individual check-ins and get oversight of their team’s performance. They can even share good news stories up the ladder using pass-ups, which works really well for large enterprises.

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Microsoft Viva

Plug us into Microsoft Viva

If you’re an early adopter for Microsoft Viva, then you’ll want to check out our weekly check-in, performance conversation templates and OKR tools. Microsoft Viva is powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced through Microsoft Teams, so naturally, you’ll benefit from all the great things that the Weekly10 Microsoft Teams app has to offer. Joined up employee engagement and performance, as well as impactful goal-setting.

Weekly10 for Microsoft Viva
check-in software integration slack

Check-in and get feedback using Weekly10 in Slack

Using Weekly10 in Slack makes giving and receiving feedback easy. Employees complete their check-in, then managers give regular and specific feedback to their direct reports.

Employees complete their Weekly10 using our check-in software integration in Slack. So uptake is high. That’s because there’s no new tech to learn. The @mention feature encourages teamwork and peer recognition too.

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check-in software integration SSO

Single Sign On for Microsoft O365 and G-suite

We all hate having to remember new passwords. That’s why our Weekly10 check-in software integration works with both Microsoft O365 and G-suite. Your people use their regular profile to access (and use) Weekly10. And with Active Directory sync for Microsoft Azure and G-suite, managing joiners and leavers is a doddle. It’s also super secure because you control their access.


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Learning and development integrations

If you’re using an LMS or training system and want to see if our check-in software integration works, just reach out. We’ve worked with lots of different vendors to make sure the solution you’re after is right for you and your people.

We love it! Weekly10 on mobile and for Microsoft Teams is a key tool for us, and any business that really cares about its people.

Hannah Saunders

CEO & Founder | Toddle

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