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Choosing the best performance management software: Hear what G2 reviewers have to say

There’s the old way of managing employee performance, engagement, and goals. And then there’s the right way. But how do you choose the most impactful employee engagement tool or the best performance management software?

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Why Weekly10 offers the best performance management software

Performance management and employee engagement are two sides of the same coin. One always impacts the other. Having highly engaged employees leads to high performing teams.

But, traditional performance reviews mean rising stars can become disengaged when achievements go unnoticed. And poor-performers are at risk of derailing their own development without frequent two-way feedback.

Weekly10 focuses on everyday performance. That's what makes it the best performance management software. And it's great at boosting engagement too.

Timely, two-way feedback helps employees and managers to make small changes each week to impact performance. There are no surprises during performance reviews.

Weekly10 brings performance, engagement, and goal management into one platform. The weekly check-in helps managers and employees to take ownership of their own development. And HR teams get a holistic view of what’s working. But crucially, what’s not, so they can intervene quickly.

One weekly check-in. Unlimited possibilities.

We make it easy to try, buy, and fly

Don’t you just hate it when a software company makes it difficult to get a quote and has you jumping through hoops to book a demo? Not us.

Our sales and customer support are built on the same principles as our software:  being transparent and easy to work with.

No set-up fees. No on-going support fees. What you see is what you pay. See our plans and pricing.

That’s probably why we’ve kept the top spot for being the Easiest Software Vendor to do business with across both the Employee Engagement and Performance Management categories.

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