Goals & OKRs in Microsoft Teams

Stay focused with Goals and OKRs in Microsoft Teams

Help your people thrive: set clear, actionable goals or OKRs and track them from within Microsoft Teams. When your people know what is expected, they can deliver the extraordinary.

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Transparency and accountability with OKRs in Microsoft Teams

A simple yet effective tool for creating alignment and engagement around measurable goals to propel your organisation forwards.

Goals and OKRs can be public or private; individual, team- or organisation-level. And they are fully flexible to how you and your people work, so you could use team goals for projects and private goals for personal development.

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Weekly10 OKR performance management

Stay focused with OKRs and Goals in Microsoft Teams

Leaders, managers, and employees can easily see and measure their progress with the Weekly10 check-in for Microsoft Teams.

Regular sight of goals and OKRs means more focus, so priorities shift to tasks that make the biggest impact. And OKRs give real-time visibility so everyone knows the direction of travel: a key element in better performance and stronger employee engagement too.

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Performance management in Microsoft Teams with 90% less admin: Performance reviews

A holistic approach to performance

Weekly10 eliminates 90% of performance review admin and prep time.

That’s because a Weekly10 performance review is backed by all the goal (and feedback) evidence collected in employee check-ins. As well as engagement and sentiment insights. And our templates and automation tools help your managers and employees focus on the outcome and not the process.

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