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Single sign on performance management software

SSO with Weekly10 means your people have one less password to remember and your data is secure. Available across Microsoft 365, Slack, and G-Suite,

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Your peoples’ data is secure and private

When your people are sharing their successes and struggles, you want to know their data is secure.

SSO gives your IT team complete peace of mind and control over user permissions, leavers and joiners, and data privacy.

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IT will love you for making their job easier

Who needs another password to remember or piece of tech to learn just to do our job? No, us either.

SSO fixes all the typical objections and blockers you’d face rolling out a new process or platform. There’s no manual sign-up process for your users – they’re already in the system. No new password to remember – it’s the same one as your usual login. And far fewer tech headaches for your IT team to deal with because they manage the process.

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Weekly10 in Microsoft Teams at the touch of a button

If you use Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Microsoft Azure Active Directory) and Microsoft Teams, then rolling out the Weekly10 app on Microsoft Teams is super easy.

Your IT team can push the app out to your users, auto authenticate them from their user credentials, and get them up and running almost instantly. #winning

Weekly10 in Microsoft Teams

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