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Engaging performance for teams on the road

We make it easy for your people to do their Weekly10 check-in on the go with our employee engagement mobile app. It’s frequent but fast, effortless but rewarding.

Weekly10 employee engagement mobile app
Weekly10 employee engagement mobile app screenshot

Set and track goals and OKRs on the go

Keep performance metrics front of mind for your non-office based teams. Your people update their goal or OKR progress regularly while they complete their Weekly10 check-in on their mobile.

Your people don’t have to deal with annoying spreadsheets or disconnected paperwork. And managers get complete visibility of their team’s progress while employees understand their contribution to company success. All at a time that suits your people’s work schedule.

Weekly10 employee engagement mobile app goals & OKRs screenshot

Employee engagement made easy on mobile

The Weekly10 employee engagement mobile app makes frequent feedback effortless. Managers and their direct reports have more frequent, honest, two-way communication leading to better engagement. Check-in on the go, wherever and whenever your people work, keeping adoption and interaction high. The @mention feature encourages teamwork and peer  recognition too.

Whether on mobile or tablet, Android or iOS, our bespoke app will work across all your devices and allow you and your company to build a better culture anytime, anywhere.

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