Employee engagement in Microsoft Teams

A weekly check-in that builds employee engagement in Microsoft Teams

Frequent feedback and open communication between managers and their direct reports builds trust. Add peer-led employee recognition and you get a powerful tool for driving employee engagement.

Employee Feedback in Microsoft Teams with Weekly10
Weekly10 | Improve employee feedback using Weekly10 in Microsoft Teams

Build a culture of trust and engagement, all within Microsoft Teams

The employee check-in for Microsoft Teams helps your people to share what is impacting their daily work and ask for help to succeed and grow.

Set a regular cadence for two-way feedback for more timely and impactful insights. Encourage openness and honesty across the check-in to drive culture change that leads to business growth. Build employee engagement that prompts your employees to answer questions, provide feedback, and recognise others regularly.

The check-in for Microsoft Teams
Weekly10 | Two-way feedback drives employee engagement in Microsoft Teams

Frequency and simplicity to drive better feedback

Research shows that the fastest-growing businesses all have great employee engagement in common. Focus on employee engagement without any new software or passwords to remember with the Weekly10 Microsoft Teams app.

Don’t wait until the annual performance review to roll around, focus on continuous workplace feedback to craft a better culture and drive better results all year round. The Weekly10 check-in is designed and built for teams who work in Microsoft Teams. Check-in, give kudos, get timely feedback, and update goal and OKR progress regularly for everyday performance.

Get more feedback using Microsoft Teams
Weekly10 | Two-way feedback drives employee engagement in Microsoft Teams

Empower managers to give more support to their teams, in Microsoft Teams

Managers are the key ingredient to driving employee engagement, and they can do it all from within Microsoft Teams. Managers can provide their own feedback to their teams, correcting issues or cheerleading for the great work their people are doing.

Use Weekly10 to power performance reviews, 360° feedback and 1:1 conversations too. Get the full suite of tools to help managers to keep their direct reports engaged. Get Weekly10 in Microsoft Teams.

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