Employee engagement in Microsoft Teams

Employee engagement in Microsoft Teams

Sustainable employee engagement needs frequent feedback, clear expectations, and shared values. A Weekly10 check-in gives your people the time and space to reflect, get feedback, and know how they’re doing. They also show HR the pulse of the company. Without pulse surveys.

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Weekly10 check-in

High engagement, no surveys

A Weekly10 check-in facilitates regular two-way feedback, the foundation of sustainable employee engagement.  The employee check-in for Microsoft Teams helps your people to share what’s impacting their daily work and ask for help to succeed and grow. And our real time analytics tell you how engaged your people feel as a result.

Encourage openness and honesty to drive small but significant change that leads to personal, and business, growth.

The check-in for Microsoft Teams
Check-in challenges

Better engagement leads to high performance

Don’t wait until the annual performance review to roll around.

A Weekly10 check-in helps employees feel engaged. It uses continuous workplace feedback to drive better performance all year round. Every time your people check-in, they’re building their body of performance evidence. Appraisals become way more effective. And employees can better align their workload with goals and OKRs.

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Weekly10 | Two-way feedback in Microsoft Teams

Managers have the right tools

Managers are the key ingredient to driving engagement, and they can do it all from within Microsoft Teams. They provide feedback to their people, correcting issues or cheerleading their team’s great work.

Use Weekly10 to power performance reviews, 360° feedback and 1:1 conversations too. Get the full suite of tools to help managers to keep their direct reports engaged.

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Understanding sentiment through the Weekly10 check-in

Real-time engagement and sentiment insights

You’ll never need to run another pulse or employee engagement survey again.

Understand how your people really feel through dashboards fed by employee check-ins. Weekly10 uses AI to read between the lines. This keeps the check-in content private between manager and employee. But gives you high level sentiment and engagement insights through aggregated contextual analysis. Make better decisions quicker.

Real-time employee engagement insights

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Get ready to boost engagement with Weekly10 in Microsoft Teams

Give your people the power to drive their own employee engagement and performance with Weekly10 in Microsoft Teams.

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