Talent mapping

Strategic succession planning with talent mapping

Fast-track your superstars and find your hidden gems. Grow them and retain them with 9-box and other talent mapping tools based on employee check-ins.

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Develop talent and retain them with talent mapping tools

The Weekly10 check-in delivers rich employee feedback and performance insights at a regular cadence that helps you spot where your best people are, no matter where or how they work.

Our talent mapping tools empower managers and employees to have better, more impactful conversations around growth and development. Plan out career progression programmes and identify who needs support all thanks to frequent feedback and continuous performance management.

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9-box your way to success

Manage your employees’ performance and potential using a proven talent management method with the Weekly10 9-box performance grid.

Plot your people at individual, team or department levels to see where your organisational strengths lie and where intervention may be required for greater success.

Performance management in Microsoft Teams with 90% less admin: Performance reviews

Dynamic performance reviews that lead to results

Use our talent mapping tools as a standalone or pull them into your next performance conversation.

Dynamic review templates enable you to pull in employee feedback, goal progression data, training history, certifications and talent mapping output produced from the Weekly10 check-ins during your sit downs. A more robust and holistic approach that prioritises action that fuels growth.

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