Employee Sentiment Analysis

Understand employee sentiment without surveys

Weekly10 tells you the pulse of your people through employee sentiment analysis without ad hoc surveys. Make decisions based on real-time, reliable data.

Weekly10 | Employee sentiment analysis
Employee Sentiment and engagement

Employee sentiment analysis without annual surveys

Your people’s sentiment insights come from the updates employees submit as part of their Weekly10 check-in. We take the context and tone of voice, turning that into a score you can measure.

Employees feel seen and heard. That’s because they’re not completing a survey. They’re starting a two-way conversation between them and their manager. All while building their portfolio of performance successes. Sentiment is a by-product of their check-in.

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Employee Sentiment Analysis

Reliable employee sentiment analysis

Tracking employee sentiment helps you understand and influence the short and long-term impacts on your people’s wellbeing and productivity. In near real-time. This gives you the insights needed to take action early on, and predict how your people will react to future events.

Fully custom dashboards give you the power to report on the trends in a way that suits you. Compare teams, regions, or the whole company, all while maintaining complete privacy and anonymity.

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Weekly10 Employee engagement trend analytics predict future performance

Use sentiment to improve team performance

Easily compare the sentiment of teams that are over performing to those that are lagging. Is it a blip or a steady decline, an isolated case or company-wide? Employee engagement trend data helps you to understand the root cause and make decisions based on facts not speculation. It gives you the data you need to make changes for a quick result.

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