Sentiment Analysis

Making it easy to measure employee sentiment without surveys

Weekly10 tells you how your teams, departments or whole business are feeling based on the tone of their Weekly10 check-in. Employee sentiment analysis made easy.

Weekly10 | Employee sentiment analysis
Employee Sentiment Analysis

Real insights that drive real change, now

Understand the impact that personal, company, and world events have on your people’s mental health and productivity. Our employee sentiment analysis dashboards give you the context to help you understand how your people really feel today, not six months ago.

Tracking employee sentiment helps you understand and measure the short and long-term impacts of internal or external change in real time. This gives you the insights needed to take action early on, and predict how your people will react to future events.

Employee Sentiment and engagement

Employee sentiment analysis without annual surveys

Employee sentiment is a measure of how positive or negative someone is when they provide feedback. Your people’s sentiment insights come from the updates they submit as part of their Weekly10 check-in. We take the words, context, and tone of voice and turn that into a score from one to ten.

Fully custom dashboards give you the power to report on the trends in a way that suits you. Compare teams, regions, or the whole company, all while maintaining privacy and anonymity.

Employee sentiment and recognition

Take appropriate action, not reflex responses

Ongoing trend data helps you to isolate and understand peaks and troughs in context. Using employee sentiment analysis, you can implement appropriate interventions, not knee-jerk reactions.

Our sentiment analysis can group your business by teams, departments or even locations helping you to find your weak points and act decisively.

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