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Performance reviews your people look forward to

Traditional performance review processes don’t work. They’re clunky and have little impact on future performance. So let’s do things a better way.

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populating a performance review software with check-in history

Performance reviews that focus on the person, not the process

Our performance review software makes it 90% quicker and easier to prep for reviews and appraisals. Pull in Weekly10 check-in history data, feedback, goal progress and more into conversation agendas.

Employees take control of their review agenda and have more meaningful conversations. No more thinking back to what you did last quarter, it’s all there in front of you. And your managers the insights to develop greatness.

How the check-in supports performance
update OKRs during your check-in for easier performance reviews

Automated goal tracking makes appraisals evidence-based

Weekly10’s performance review software takes all the admin out of the process for your managers and their teams, leaving time to reflect on your people not the process.

Your review templates automatically pull in Weekly10 check-in goal and OKR updates meaning all discussions around past and future performance is evidence-based and targeted.

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Managers get a holistic view of performance

Want to see the challenges your people have faced over the past 6 months? Or perhaps their personal successes over the last 12 weeks. With our simple yet powerful tools, all the data you need is ready to add to the agenda through our performance review software. That includes feedback you’ve given, goal and OKR tracking, Pass-ups, 360 feedback and, peer recognition.

Our people get out what they put in. If they haven’t checked-in each week then there’s no evidence of their achievements or progress. It feels like reviews are led by the employee now rather than their manager.

Daniel Locke-Wheaton

Principal | Aston University Engineering Academy

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