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Giving feedback as a manager is most effective when it’s honest, timely and specific. It also needs to be a conversation.

Weekly10 | Giving Feedback should be a conversation
Weekly10 | Giving feedback as a manager helps build trust

Giving feedback starts meaningful conversations

Weekly10 helps managers to give their team feedback that’s timely, specific, and honest. Anonymous feedback lacks trust and accountability. Transparent feedback shows your people that they’re valued, an important part of feeling engaged at work. Feedback starts meaningful conversations that help all your people to understand how they’re doing. And we all know that engaged people out-perform their peers.

Giving someone a voice is easy. Listening and acting creates impact.

Weekly10 employee engagement software for SMEs to help managers

Effective feedback helps personal development

Managers and employees have better conversations because of their Weekly10 check-in. The feedback you give as a manager is targeted and timely.

Employees can raise concerns or discussion points through one off check-ins rather than waiting for their next catch up. This gives managers the opportunity to answer questions and resolve issues before they have chance to escalate. Anonymous feedback lacks actions, use transparent feedback to make an impact.

Weekly10 | Giving feedback is important for personal development

Support your managers to be better at giving feedback

Not all managers are born equal. Some are more natural than others. Managers have a big influence on their team’s engagement so it’s important they feel supported.

Weekly10 helps managers to give specific, timely, honest feedback. It gives them the platform to coach employees through their most pressing challenges and improve performance in real-time.

Managers and employees can raise discussion points immediately rather than waiting for their next face-to-face opportunity. This helps your business be more proactive and flexible to change.

Weekly10 | Ad hoc feedback

Ad hoc feedback for projects and teamwork

You’ve just delivered on a project, you think it’s gone well but no-one has really said much beyond the polite “good job”. For feedback that can’t wait or doesn’t quite fit into a structured 360 feedback, use our ad-hoc feedback feature.

Gather feedback from your peers, team mates or senior team around a specific event or deliverable, and feed this into your future performance reviews. Use it to improve and develop your skills and performance for next time.

Employee engagement is a KPI for our business. It’s essential to keep hold of the best ‘Team Toddle’ talent

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