Employee Visibility

Encourage personal development through employee visibility

Support and encourage progression. Make sure your most talented people are seen regularly by your senior team.

Weekly10 | Increase employee visibility
Weekly10 | Increase employee visibility & help identify future leaders

Identify emerging talent and business risks early

Employee visibility is a critical part of having engaged employees. Weekly10 Pass-ups give your managers a quick and consistent way to highlight their rising stars and showcase the great work their team’s delivering. Because of that, your managers play a big part in helping raise the profile of their team’s achievements.

Pass-ups can also raise business risks early. Share genuine concerns upwards so that senior leaders understand the day-to-day challenges facing their people. Common themes and trends are easy to spot, showing you where to focus efforts and actions.

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Show your people that you see them

Every time one of your employee’s Weekly10 check-in updates is shared upwards or across, they get notified. They can see exactly how far their great idea or hard work has travelled and the impact it’s having. Pass-ups and Pass-across are an easy and effective way to quickly increase employee visibility.

Giving someone a voice is easy. Listening and acting creates impact and the Pass-up does just that.

Weekly10 | Increase employee visibility to encourage your people to share their challenges and concerns

Raise concerns to impact change

It’s tough to find the right time and place to raise concerns. But the Weekly10 check-in encourages your people to ask for support or share their concerns on a regular basis, meaning it becomes easier to do as it becomes the norm.

Your senior leaders also get a clear view of what’s happening on the ground in each area of the business.

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