360° Feedback

360 feedback helps you get the complete picture

Build stronger teams with 360 feedback that encourages development, productivity, and engagement for all of your people.

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Weekly10 360 feedback

Build a complete picture so your people can thrive

Gather feedback from everyone, from peers to leaders, as well as external sources like suppliers and even customers. 360 software means that anyone can give feedback even if they’re not an employee or Weekly10 customer.

This mix of feedback sources offers a holistic perspective for appraisals. This makes your performance management process more objective, targeted, and effective. It also means less goes unnoticed particularly when working remotely.

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Have more productive conversations with 360 reviews

With 360 feedback,  your managers start to have more meaningful conversations with their people. Spot trends and talking points based on feedback collected using Weekly10.

Conversations about development and forward planning become more focused with a more rounded and richer view of an employees performance and contributions.

360 feedback gives you and your people the ability to have more impactful discussions around growth, development and performance. No more wasted hours simply ticking boxes. Take action and create change.

Weekly10 performance management software with 360 feedback

Use 360 feedback in performance reviews

Use Weekly10 to collect 360 feedback from a range of sources and pull all the commentary into your performance review process with just a simple click of a button. Our customisable review templates allow you to pull any data gathered in Weekly10 into your next review session.

Your people and their managers can also see the feedback as part of their Weekly10 profile and use it as agenda items, conversation starters, or to help personal development.

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