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10Pulse is how to measure employee engagement without Q12 or pulse surveys. It helps you understand which areas of engagement are thriving or failing. This helps you to focus your efforts on the areas that matter.

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Understand which areas of staff engagement need focus

10Pulse shows how you’re doing against the five key components of employee engagement. See how advocacy, discretionary effort, feeling valued, job satisfaction, and pride affect sentiment.

This is how to measure employee engagement effectively. Use these insights to focus your efforts to make better decision on the areas that need improving.

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Insight detail across all teams and regions

Measure and compare engagement across the whole company or drill down to team level. See whose team is most engaged. Apply the learnings to others.

Measure employee engagement using sentiment analytics from your Weekly10 check-in updates. That includes how often your people check-in, whether or not your managers provide feedback, and goal and OKR tracking.

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High employee engagement leads to brand champions

Brand advocates impact every part of your business. Profits increase. Attrition and absenteeism drop. Hiring new talent is easier. Customer experience soars. Innovation and idea sharing happens naturally. Your people go over and above because they want to.

10Pulse staff engagement helps you make the business decisions that create the best and most engaged people.

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