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Download: Embracing continuous performance management – a complete handbook

Managers and leaders have an overwhelming choice of tools and processes by which to manage. But sometimes the simplest things are the most effective. ​When it comes to driving performance, measuring wellbeing and keeping people engaged at work, a little feedback goes a long way. What is interesting, is that employee engagement and performance management are both feedback processes, making it fundamental to embracing continuous performance management.

What's Inside: Embracing Continuous Performance Management

Section 1: What is Weekly10

  • The Weekly10 philosophy
  • A 6 pillars of Weekly10
  • The framework to have better conversations

Section 2: Frequent feedback

  • The effective performance conversation cycle
  • 10 steps to embrace frequent feedback
  • How to give better feedback using Weekly10
  • The FASTT feedback framework

Section 3: Employee recognition

  • The science behind employee recognition
  • Recognition and staff retention
  • Making employee recognition more effective
  • Ways to recognise employees in Weekly10 

Section 4: Anonymity vs Transparency

  • The pros and cons of anonymity
  • How Weekly10 moves you away from anonymity
  • How to implement transparent frequent feedback

Section 5: People

  • Your Weekly10 roll-out dream team
  • Looking after your stakeholders
  • Blockers and how to win them over

Section 6: Embedding Weekly10

  • The change management process
  • Best practice timeline for a Weekly10 rollout
  • The Weekly10 check-in: Your critical success factor

All-in-one, real-time engagement and performance conversations

Managers are often fearful about giving open and honest feedback. That could be because they’ve had no training and don’t know how to give feedback. Or that they themselves aren’t clear about company direction and don’t want to look out of touch, or get something wrong.

The employee could also be uncomfortable having these conversations, often due to a lack of practice, trust or rapport. Or perhaps they think what’s the point, no-one does anything with this feedback anyway.

That’s why our continuous feedback framework makes such a huge difference. Frequency and openness are key to effective workplace feedback. By sharing information honestly and often, we build trust, rapport, engagement and ultimately, long-term success.

How Weekly10 drives continuous performance management

Our approach is all about keeping things simple and building healthy workplace habits. The Weekly10 check-in is the centre point of it all. With it, managers can collect, give and share frequent feedback on the key topics that really matter. Issues are resolved earlier, successes are celebrated wider and key information is passed to the right person sooner.

Goals (or OKRs) are also managed through the check-in, with timely updates on progress, appropriateness and blockers. With frequent updates on performance coming in from the teams, alignment and success rates are boosted greatly.

With all this employee feedback, performance updates and manager interaction, we can power better 1:1s, performance conversations, employee development programmes (and so much more!)

Download our latest guide: Embracing Continuous Performance Management for your complete handbook for transforming your company’s approach to performance management