The Weekly10 Check-In

Set a weekly communication cadence between managers and employees.
Encourage transparency, feedback and continuous improvement
to grow your business and its people.

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Quick and Simple

Takes your team just 10 minutes per week

The Weekly10 check-in replaces long reports, email threads and spreadsheets with a handful of questions. Managers get a sense of team morale and can quickly align employees around company goals.

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Customizable questions

Choose the right questions for your team

Insightful questions can spark employee innovation or can alert management to potential problems. The Weekly10 Question Bank is loaded with suggested questions so that managers can impact key areas like productivity, culture and morale.

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Rapid Feedback

Quick but powerful feedback tools

Provide invaluable feedback every week, helping to iteratively improve the performance of your teams. Coach employees through their most pressing challenges and improve performance in real-time.

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Check in with remote employees

It's difficult to effectively engage with your employees when they are not in the office.

Using Weekly10 managers can create a culture where employees feel heard, stay productive, and remain accountable, even from far away.

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