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The Weekly Check-in

A simple weekly check-in between managers and employees. Encouraging transparency, feedback and continuous improvement to grow your business and its people.

The new framework for employee engagement

Our weekly employee check-in is at the heart of our behavioural approach to improving your workplace culture.

Customisable questions

Insightful questions can spark employee innovation or can alert management to potential problems. The Weekly10 Question Bank, developed in partnership with two academic institutions is loaded with suggested questions designed to get to the heart of key topics including motivation, wellbeing and workplace attitudes.

Or if you have a list of burning questions you'd like answering, then custom questions can be set at a team, department or organisation-wide level. Questions can be asked routinely, as part of every check-in or at a custom frequency. Anonymity and who answers go to can also be controlled on a question-by-question basis for a fully flexible and dynamic experience.

Quick and Simple

The Weekly10 check-in replaces long reports, email threads and spreadsheets with a handful of highly targetted questions. Managers get a sense of team morale and can quickly align employees around company goals.

Fully customisable employee engagement questions and performance management items are a key part of Weekly10.

Don't forget to check out our video demo to see Weekly10 in action:

Employee check-in: feedback is key

Check in where you are

Let your team use the tools they love and wherever they are for their weekly check-in. Weekly10 now allows employees to check in from Microsoft Teams and Slack, making staying in loop, tracking status and measuring engagement easier than ever.

Our mobile app, available on both iOS and Android devices allow staff without access to a computer or those constantly on the road for your business to be included in the Weekly10 process. The apps even work offline so if you're on the Tube or up a mountain, you can still check-in when you want.

Rapid Feedback

Employee engagement relies on honest, two-way feedback between managers and their staff in order to build a culture of trust and transparency. That's why feedback is at the centre of everything we do to improve employee engagement here at Weekly10.

Provide invaluable feedback at a high frequency with our weekly employee check-in, helping to iteratively improve the performance of your teams. Coach employees through their most pressing challenges and improve performance in real-time.

Learn how Mr Fothergills use a weekly employee check-in

to engage all of their employees.

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