Performance Webinar

Customer webinar: The power of regular performance conversations at work

Annual performance reviews are dead – or they should be. It’s time to embrace a more continuous, collaborative and constructive approach. It’s time to champion the performance conversation.

If engagement is the beating heart of all we do at Weekly10 then performance is what that heart helps to power. And we’re tired of seeing the age-old annual review being the main tool of performance management.

So we’re reframing the conversation. We’re making reviews, 1:1s, probation evaluations and the rest smarter, more effective and way more efficient. By introducing a more regular performance meeting, that is two-way, based on real-world data (instead of best guesses) and highly collaborative, you’re going to be ramping up performance across your teams in no time.

If you’re not yet using performance conversations in Weekly10 (or you are but fancy a refresh) then this is the webinar for you. In it we’ll be covering:

  • What exactly a performance conversation is
  • Why the annual review will simply not cut it
  • Some best practice tips for moving from reviews to conversations
  • How to run a near fully automated, evidence-based, simple performance conversation in Weekly10
  • Live Q&A (so come armed with your top questions!)

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