Performance Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Introducing Hybrid Goals

Hybrid goals are a new, more flexible way to set goals as part of your Weekly10 experience. Check out this short webinar to learn more about what they are, how they work and why you should be using them.

Duration: 30 minutes

Goal-setting is a vital tool in the arsenal of any highly-productive team. Not only do goals help you to keep an eye on the prize, but they also keep you and your people motivated, resilient, and engaged. Great goals help develop us into better performers at work and ensure that success is not only measurable but more achievable too.

SMART goals and OKRs have been the two main go-to goal-setting frameworks for most organisations around the world. And while both are excellent, they of course have their weaknesses and won't fit every team or every employee in every business.

A lack of flexibility in both approaches has led to us here at Weekly 10, looking at a better way of incorporating goal-setting into the Weekly10 experience. And this exploration has led us to hybrid goals.

What are hybrid goals?

Put simply, hybrid goals are the combination of SMART and OKR goal-setting frameworks within the same organisation.

Hybrid goals allow more flexibility without impacting the effectiveness of either framework. SMART goals are aligned to OKRs and vice-versa. So, everything stays aligned and employees can still have the same options when it comes to visibility.

They are a perfect goal-setting solution for any organisation with multi-disciplinary teams where one framework doesn’t quite work for all.

Want to know more

Well, watch the on-demand webinar where we will take you over all you need to know about hybrid goals. We answer some key questions including:

  • What is a hybrid goal?
  • How do they work?
  • Why you should be using them and when.
  • How to set up hybrid goals in Weekly10.

Watch now: