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Tools to measure remote work performance

You've made a decision. Annual reviews have got to go. They don't fit the business. Remote and flexible working are now standard. Objectives change frequently. Managers need better ways to connect with their teams. And employees want recognition and opportunities to pursue personal goals. So you need tools to measure remote work performance and get better insights into how people are performing.

Your challenge is finding software that meets your HR requirements and clearly demonstrates a return on your investment (ROI). Weekly10 is that solution. In the latest independent G2 reports, Weekly10 provides ROI faster than alternatives. It's also simple, intuitive, hassle-free. And provides instant visibility to how employees are feeling. And those aren't our words. They're all from client reviews. So, let's look at what else you need to know to convince your business Weekly10 is the right investment:

  • Why the Weekly10 approach is the best solution for remote teams
  • Simple steps to realise your ROI
  • Other Weekly10 features your business will benefit from

Why you should use Weekly10 tools to measure remote work performance

Use of remote working has soared in recent years. Over half of US employees are now able to work from home at least once a week, and there are similar trends elsewhere e.g. UK, Australia. So managers need effective ways to manage performance from a distance.

Weekly10 was designed with remote teams in mind. Its flexible framework allows employees and managers to stay connected, regardless of location. And it's built to effectively manage performance remotely thanks to four key elements:

Clear purpose

Employees must understand the vision for the business and where their contribution fits. Using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), Weekly10 helps employees support business priorities. And provides flexibility to amend these as business demands change. It removes year-long annual review goals and replaces them with actionable OKRs that employees genuinely feel they can influence.

Frequent feedback is your most reliable tool to measure remote work

Frequent, timely feedback's essential to managing remote teams effectively. And, as the name suggests, Weekly10 encourages weekly check-ins. Regular two-way interactions where employees provide updates and flag concerns. And managers offer feedback and take action to remove barriers to success. So it works well for hybrid working as it encourages regular interaction without requiring constant meetings.

Timely recognition

Creating a culture of recognition builds trust, collaboration and support. Weekly10 allows you to recognise employees, managers and peers alike and ensures appreciation is not forgotten. Employees feel valued as you celebrate their success and their sense of belonging grows.

Regular conversations

Weekly check-ins are just the start. You also need other tools to measure remote work performance. But please, don't resort to time-tracking software.

Weekly10 uses a framework of check-ins, monthly 1:1s and quarterly reviews. Weekly check-ins inform monthly future-focused 1:1s which discuss career progression, personal goals and OKR achievement. Then quarterly reviews emphasise ownership for self-development, and adjust goals in line with strategic priorities.

Realising your ROI: making your case to the board

So, you understand the functionality that makes Weekly10 the right choice, but you also have to convince the board. You know their focus will be return on investment so you need some hard facts to build your case.

Here's how Weekly10 fared against comparative vendors in the most recent G2 reports (view full table here):

  • Highest user adoption rate across comparative vendors: Weekly10 is clearly laid out and quick to fill in. It keeps recognition and progress all in one place. So there's no more scrabbling around for emails and notes of what you did six months ago. And it's flexible so managers can adopt a process that works for them.
  • #1 Ease of Setup and #1 Easiest to do Business with for Performance Management: Quick and simple to setup, Weekly 10 integrates with Microsoft Teams. So it links to existing team structures and Single Sign On means there are no new passwords to remember. And with full support from our Customer Support Partners, you can raise questions and get resolutions quickly.
  • Fastest average ROI in just 10 months, with 100% reporting that they received full ROI. With Weekly10, employees are clear on how they support the business. They can drive delivery and achieve results. And you stop wasting time chasing completion, so you can focus on strategic projects and tailored management support.
  • Fastest average roll-out, with 90% of customers going live within 1 month. So your team don't spend months getting the system implemented. You can just focus on helping managers and employees to have great conversations.

How Weekly10 tools help you to measure remote work

You've spent time considering different options. And you want more than just tools to measure remote work performance. You ideally need an integrated solution that addresses aspects of performance, talent and employee engagement:

Talent Management

You want an holistic HR strategy. Moving away from annual reviews is just the start. So you need to be able to assess development needs, career progression and succession plans. And create frameworks to support employee development. So Weekly10 offers a comprehensive set of tools for talent mapping and 360 degree feedback to help you understand your teams better. And create plans for the future.

Employee Engagement

As managers get comfortable with weekly check-ins and regular reviews, employee engagement builds. So you need ways to track trends and spot any issues as they happen. Regular reports allow you to review check-in completion, flagging concerns early around disengagement and poor management. While sentiment insights show how employees are feeling and highlight any teams or individuals needing support. So you can drop the annual engagement survey and focus on real-time observations instead.

We know that choosing a new performance management tool can be a headache. You want a platform that's flexible, reduces admin, drives user adoption and has the capability to support all your teams. So take another look, and implement performance reviews your people look forward to.

If you're managing remote teams, then grab a copy of our latest guide: How to have effective performance conversations. It's packed full of tips to get the most out of your people 👇