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The next generation of OKRs and Goals in Microsoft Teams with Weekly10

Your new OKR and Goals Experience is now available in Microsoft Teams and Weekly10 on web. It brings you a more flexible way to manage your goals. Your people are more aligned. Goals are clearer. And managers are primed to support staff development.

The new dashboards make goals clearer and add transparency around alignment. The new layout also puts goals front and centre for you and your employees to review regularly. 

These changes help the goals that you set in Weekly10 to drive better performance, whether you use SMART goals or OKRs.

Goals need to be clear and transparent

Employees better understand what’s expected of them when goals are clearly set out. If goals are poorly defined, then don’t be surprised when performance isn’t as efficient as you want it to be.

Help your people to see the bigger picture. Make goals transparent by aligning them to wider objectives and showing how performance of one goal impacts others. This gives their work meaning, helps them feel autonomous, and increases both engagement and motivation.

Goals need to be reviewed frequently

When goals are left unchecked, they quickly become outdated and irrelevant. Implementing a regular cadence for reviewing and updating goals reduces the risk of goals becoming irrelevant. Little kills motivation more than finding out the work that’s been done is no longer relevant.

What's new in Weekly10?

The new experience has two parts: the Goal List and the Analytics screens. The goals list makes it easier to view goals, see how they're aligned to company objectives, and devise actions for impacting their success. 

This analytics view brings to life the progress and status of your people’s goals or the goals of their department or team through progress charts, RAG status flags and exception reporting.

You can see the full list of updates on our support site.

Access your new Goals & OKRs Experience

You can access your goals in Microsoft Teams and on the web platform. There’s no upgrade fees or additional cost.

Watch our launch event on-demand to see your new Goals & OKR Experience in action. Or book a demo with your Customer Success Partner.

*The new experience is currently in beta. During this time some functionality may change.