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Slack: Where Employee Engagement Happens…with Weekly10

Oi, you at the back! Start managing employee engagement on Slack!

Here at Weekly10 we believe employee engagement is for everyone in every organisation & and that is why we are always looking for ways to make our Weekly10 process as accessible as possible to every person in every team.

So today, we are very excited to announce that Weekly10 is now available from right inside your Slack workflow. The Weekly10 Slack app allows employees to check-in, share successes and challenges, recognise colleagues and manage their OKRs and goals all within the familiar surroundings of Slack. In developing the Weekly10 app we have worked closely with some of our key customers to ensure Weekly10 fits neatly into your Slack workflow and makes using Slack even better for your employees. It's all about keeping things as simple and efficient for your teams as possible.

To give you a flavour, here are a few of the key Weekly10 functions available in the app:

The Weekly Check-in

Employees receive a Slack notification when their next update is due and are able to complete it entirely within Slack. Just like in Weekly10, employees can respond to text, multiple-choice, rating and peer recognition questions. Their current goals are also displayed and can be updated, created and closed as required.

Managers will receive notifications in Slack rather than via email & keeping everything in one place - and keeping that inbox count down!


With "˜Publish to Channel', administrators can configure certain questions to be shared with everyone in a specific Slack channel. This makes sharing ideas, recognition, and successes easier than ever, thus increasing visibility across your business that bit simpler still.

OKRs and Goals

Alongside the weekly check-in, employees and managers can now set and update goals directly in Slack. Using our /goals and /addgoal slash commands, they can set and update goals right from inside their slack workspace.


Once you're up and running with Weekly10 and Slack, all notifications will be sent via the Weekly10 Slack bot & meaning fewer emails and more targeted action.

with Slack

With our Slack integration, we have also added "˜Sign-in with Slack', which means you can Single Sign-On (SSO) using your Slack details. This new SSO option sits alongside our existing enterprise and Microsoft 365 sign-in options. So that's one less password to remember and a nice little time saver!

Our aim with the new Slack integration is to provide you and your teams with a quick and easy way to engage without the adoption of another software platform, making our employee engagement platform quick and easy to roll out to your teams.

Our Product and Engineering teams are working hard to add even more functionality to Slack. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news soon! If you have any specific requests on how we look to advance our Slack app, please do let us know.

Get Weekly10 right away from the Slack app directory or book in a demo with us to learn more.