Goals and Feedback in Slack

With our Slack integration, setting goals and providing feedback become part of your workplace culture.

Launching April 2019
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OKRs and Goals

Bring goals front and centre

Bringing your employees goals into Slack makes them accessible and visible. Our integration supports goal check-ins and slash commands.

Regular Feedback

Our Slack bot will ask your employees questions regularly to encourage feedback

The Weekly10 check-in now fully embeded in your Slack workspace. Our feedback dialog provides a quick and easy way for your employees to update their manager and provide feedback.

Recognition made easy

Built into the check-in workflow recognition becomes cultural

Use mentions (@name) in Weekly10 updates to recognise others. With full user synchronisation employees recieve notifications instantly.

with Slack

Use your Slack account to log into Weekly10 (or corporate SSO)

With Weekly10's full user synchronisation your employees can seemlessly move between Weekly10 and Slack, we even sync profile photos!

Slash Commands

Our integration includes helpful slash commands which provide quick access to commonly used functions.


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