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Employee Recognition and Reward

Build a culture that puts big wins, hard work and extra efforts at the forefront of everything you do. Highlight the champions in your company with Weekly10 peer mentions.

Develop a culture of 'thanks' and employee recognition to boost engagement

Unearth your hidden gems

Far too often employee discretionary effort goes unnoticed as it can be hard to keep focus on non-planned performance. With your staff highlighting the potentially unseen efforts and achievements going on across your company, you start to build a picture of where any talent may be hiding.

Our employee recognition table, mention counters, and bespoke reports help you identify those employees who are continuously going above and beyond for their colleagues and your business.

Harness the power of motivation

Key research in the world of behavioural economics and educational psychology has shown that a little thanks goes a long way when it comes to people's motivations - we get a similar endorphin release when thanked as we do when playing sport!

Weekly10’s ‘mention’ functionality offers employees a channel in which they can pass out kudos to their colleagues when needed.

Recognition is a key feature of the Weekly10 process. Check it out now.

Reward your best team players

While engagement is far more than simply giving rewards, acknowledging the hard work and achievements of your team is hugely important.

Senior leadership and HR can access the mention feed within the client portal, allowing you to turn mentions into a means with which to measure and reward. One of our clients has phenomenal success just through a simple hand-written note from the CEO to top mention performers!

Strengthen team bonds and build new ones

Staff mentions are great for boosting camaraderie within a team. They are even better building and strengthening relationships when used across multiple teams where employees don't always get the opportunity to review the work of their peers in other areas of a business.

With Weekly10, any colleague in your business can simply @mention any other in their Weekly10 update to share some praise. Managers get to read about the great efforts other staff are going to and the mentioned employee even gets a notification via email or on their Weekly10 account.

Watch to see how much Hannah, founder and

MD of Toddle loves mentions.

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