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Get visibility on your company culture

Our people analytics available via data dashboards and bespoke reports, help you to understand your business and it's people like never before. Turn your weekly employee feedback into lasting results for your company.

People analytics in real-time to help guide and develop

Measure employee performance

With weekly OKR and SMART goal reviews, individual, team, department and organisational performance can all be measured with real-time insights.

Track how many tasks are progressing, where key projects are up to and how many set goals are falling by the wayside either through reduced performance or outdated goals.

Our performance management analytics enable companies to stay up to date and agile in their approach to the work they do.

Measure employee engagement

Building a culture of continuous feedback means employees across your business completing their weekly workplace check-in, and thus generating large amounts of employee engagement data. Weekly10 offers a number of tools for turning that data into actionable insights that improves and strengthens your business.

Our sentiment analysis, trend reports, descriptive statistics, and machine learning algorithms help turn employee feedback into highly focusses, accurate engagement metrics. Tack your company's engagement performance over time and act to improve them.

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Understand your employees

The most effective way to communicate with your employees is with real engaging open questions. Until now, deriving meaning from such communication has been impossible without vast amounts of manual processing. With Weekly10 you can now build an aggregated view of how your employees really feel without even asking.

With our reporting function, you can create employee engagement and performance management reports that fully bespoke. If you want to compare the sales team in Edinburgh versus the legal team in Canberra, you can build a report for that in seconds within Weekly10.

Organisation-wide analytics

Track your employee insights across your whole company with our simple to use dashboards. Easily scroll and filter through team, department or organisation-level information, even comparing different locations, shifts, teams and a range of other variables.

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