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OKRs and Goals in Microsoft Teams for better workplace performance

With a new year comes a facelift to our Teams app and a whole heap of new features across other platforms that drive a better experience for our customers.

Here's the rundown of what is new in our January 2021 product update:

A new look for our Microsoft Teams app with the 'Me' tab

Our Teams app became the most common way for clients to complete their Weekly10's in 2020, thanks in no small part to the explosion of Teams more generally.

To celebrate we've given the app a new look for the new year.

The new 'Me' tab packs not just the Weekly10 check-in but also reviews, training and goals/OKRs into one single, easy to use dashboard for you and your people.

That's right, Goals and OKRs are now in Teams

Yes, one of the most requested feature additions our clients were asking for in 2020 is now up and live in Teams.

With goals and OKRs launching in the app, employees are now able to not only update their goal progression, but managers and admins can create new goals, update targets, archive, and complete goals (or OKRs) from within Teams.

Run reviews using Microsoft Teams

Managers and admin users can now access any available review templates directly in Teams for any formal review including:

Running a review using Weekly10 for Teams means you can pull all the employee check-in data you need to ensure your conversation is evidence-based, targeted and more effective than ever before.

New goal and OKR features across all platforms

Whether using Weekly10 in Teams or on web, users now have a range of new tools when it comes to setting goals or OKRs:

  • The binary goal - allowing the creation of goals with a simple 'done/not done' feedback option.
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  • Goal cascade - Goals can now be cascaded at a team or department level with a simple tick in a box when creating a goal.
  • Unarchive goals/OKRs - Managers and admin users now have the ability to unarchive goals or OKRs at any time.
  • Extended goal descriptions & more space means more detail when needed.
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  • Localised currencies & full currency support for any value-based goals or OKRs. Please contact out support team ( for more information.

Introducing "˜Share to Teams'

Connect feedback and answers to individual check-in questions to a custom Team's channel to make your feedback more flexible and visible to our whole organisation.

Perfect for creating a kudos channel for recognition, or a place for all your businesses successes to be celebrated, quickly, easily and visibly in Teams.

Plenty more to come in 2021

That's it for the first update of the year, but we have lots of upcoming new features, tweaks and integrations planned for this year. So, keep your eyes peeled or get in touch with us via to find out more.

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