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OKRs, analytics, performance reviews and a new home: it’s been a busy 12 months.

It has been a monumental year for global workplace issues. From protecting your staff's health and wellbeing during an emerging pandemic to the mass exodus from offices to remote working practices and the long-term impacts of that move, we've written about a good number of the key issues for our blog over the past 12 months.  

But what we haven't done much of this year is talk about us. So, we wanted to fill you in with some of the Weekly10 headlines from the past 12 months, starting with a whole raft of new product features and updates: 

Driving better performance with OKR's  

We've always had goal management as a key element of the employee check-in, with the ability to create and cascade SMART goals in Weekly10. But while the SMART framework has historically been the leading goal-setting process, OKRs are fast been catching up since their starring role in the growth of Google. 

The goal framework of choice for many of the globe's most progressive, high-growth, high-performance businesses including Google, Spotify and LinkedIn, OKRs help companies and employees align on objectives, adding greater meaning and driving stronger engagement and outcomes.  

No surprise then that in 2019 we added OKR functionality to the Weekly10 platform and across 2020 we have released a series of updates to enable any business to take advantage of the benefits of OKRs.  

On top of that our Customer Success team have run countless training sessions introducing interested clients to the world of OKRs and best practices on getting started with a more agile approach to goal setting and management.  

Getting a better view of employee engagement with 10Pulse 

Employee engagement is of course a cornerstone of all we do here at Weekly10. And because we spend most of any given day talking to clients and potential clients about it, we know that quantifying exactly what employee engagement is can be a challenge for some businesses.  

That's why we launched 10Pulse

We've always had a clear view on what defines employee engagement with five key elements making up the basis of engagement; how valued an employee feels, the pride a person takes in their work, the level of job satisfaction they have, whether or not they apply discretionary effort when needed and whether or not they advocate for your company.  

We took these five measures and utilising our AI algorithm and qualitative data derived from the check-in, created the 10Pulse employee engagement score.  

Launching in early 2020, 10Pulse is available now for all clients and has been a hit with clients. This metric provides users a clear quantitative value by which they can benchmark the engagement of their people and track relative trends over time.  

Weekly10 for Microsoft Teams explodes on to the scene  

One of the big success stories to come out of the move to remote working in 2020 is the meteoric rise of Microsoft Teams. The messaging and conferencing app saw user numbers swell this year, growing from just under 12 million daily active users in February to more than 75 million by the end of April.  

Fortuitous then (or great planning) that in late 2019 we launched our Weekly10 for Microsoft Teams integration.  

The fully integrated app replicates the employee and manager Weekly10 experience but solely within the familiar environment of Teams. Employees can check-in each week, check to see what goals or OKRs they are working on and even dive into old check-ins all from Teams. Managers can review check-ins, set goals and start planning those 1:1 meetings and performance reviews.  

With it being all in Teams means two things, simple sign-off for IT and single sign-on for users, meaning fewer passwords to remember.  

We've been seeing great success across the Teams platform since launch. So much so that we have now officially partnered with Microsoft and are working with their in-house and third-party teams on future updates and new features for the primary performance management and feedback solution on Teams.  

Performance Review 2.0 launches  

Ah the performance review, what can we say about this much-maligned workplace tradition. In their common form, they are overused and ineffective, with 8 out of 10 employees stating they don't see long-term benefits coming out of their reviews.  

But with Weekly10, performance reviews can be much more than a simple "˜tick box' that nobody particularly looks forward to. That's because we do reviews differently.  

We launched Performance Review 2.0 in late 2019 and have rolled out a number of new features in 2020.  

In a nutshell, performance reviews in Weekly10 are evidence-based in a way they have never been before, utilising all the feedback and goal management data collected within the weekly check-in to power better more effective manager-employee conversations.  

Through the continuous performance process of the check-in, issues are raised in a timely manner and not stored up until review time, meaning performance reviews with Weekly10 can be much more focussed on looking forward than address historical issues and going over old ground.   

360-degree feedback functionality means that reviews are much more holistic in their point of view, with peers, suppliers and even customers able to provide feedback on your people if so desired. 

Our performance reviews are all template driven, meaning leadership and managers can build (in minutes) customised reviews that are team or department-specific. With a simple click of a button, review items can be populated with rich data from any element of the check-ins or more traditional elements can be added through our review builder.  

We've even added automation with customisable schedules for reviews. This means HR can set up appropriate reviews (or 1:1s, exit interviews, probation meetings etc.) at the start of the year, set up the scheduling and then simply let Weekly10 take care of the rest, pushing reviews out to managers and their teams exactly when they should.  

A new app for iOS and Android 

Well technically the Android app sneaks in at just over a year old, but along with our iOS app for Apple, the launch of our two mobile apps has been another big step for Weekly10.  

Not every employee has a computer. Not every employee is office-based throughout the week. Many employees don't have their own desk (or access to a hot desk). And as we are an employee engagement tool for all, we had to address that. 

So, we built two apps for smartphone and tablet usage, where employees who were on the road, factory floor or even on the Tube (yes, they work offline) could complete their weekly check-in. They have proved invaluable tools for many clients, with some setting up communal tablets in breakout areas, or even supplying staff with smartphones where laptops just weren't feasible.  

But it's not just about the platform. We moved into a new home!  

In November we outgrew our city centre first home and moved into the spacious and green surroundings of the Wrexham Technology Park. Home to some genuinely exciting neighbours such as Moneypenny and Chetwood Financial, our new HQ is in the heart of innovative technologies for North Wales.  

We secured more funding for further growth into 2021 

We further strengthened our existing partnership with Worth Capital in the summer of 2020 via a second funding round. The new investment allows us to continue to grow with a number of new hires over the past 6 months (and more ongoing/planned) and has allowed us to push forward with a more ambitious product road map that will see a slew of new features and additions coming soon.

On the latest investment, Matthew Cushen of Worth Capital said: "With everything going on in 2020, Weekly10 are fundamentally perfectly positioned to take advantage of a long-term shift towards remote working where communication between managers and their teams will be key".

We unveiled our Customer Success Team 

With the role of ensuring our customers get the utmost out of Weekly10 and have nothing but positive experiences with the platform, our Customer Success Team is a key addition to the Weekly10 family.  

Every member of the team is a qualified HR professional with real-world experience of living and breathing HR. They work with our customers on best practices for implementation and usage of the platform, how to use the data from the weekly check-in to shape processes for the better and where needed run training sessions on everything from effective 1:1 strategies to how to use OKRs.   

Our global partner programme launched in the summer 

We want to help companies across the globe overcome the challenges they face when it comes to employee engagement, performance management and creating workplace cultures that drive retention and long-term success.  

That is why we have and continue to partner with HR experts all around the world. Individuals with a working knowledge of what cultural and general issues their clients and peers are facing daily.  

To facilitate these connections, this year we launched our official partner programme. The programme aims to educate all partners on all things Weekly10, from what exactly employee engagement is in our eyes to how the platform helps our users overcome all sorts of engagement and performance barriers.  

We now have a growing network of HR specialists around the globe, our nearest partner being just 5 miles from us and our furthest based in New Zealand. If you're interested in becoming a partner, check out more information here.  

And there is plenty more 

We're close to hitting our word limit now, but we've not even mentioned the award nominations, numerous new hires, huge growth in customer base, our new-look website or new coffee facilities yet!  

Sadly, these will have to wait for another blog, but let's just say it's been a busy year here at Weekly10 and the next 12 months are going to be no different from the amount of work we're seeing.  

If you're interested in discovering more about Weekly10 and how we help progressive companies with employee engagement and performance management then the best course of action is to book a 30-minute guided demo with one of our Customer Success team. Simply click the button below and pick a time slot that suits you.  

If you'd like to see any of the new additions to Weekly10, get in touch today: