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New employee engagement analytics tools are here – Book a free demo!

Whether it's our AI-powered sentiment analysis, data on recognition, targets for individuals or even Weekly10 usage behaviours across a business, our employee engagement analytics features are key to powering insights into both engagement and performance. And these tools are popular, with more than 94% of our clients checking and utilising their recorded data every week.

However, we are always looking to improve Weekly10 and for a while, our lead software engineer, Mike, has been itching to power up our data analytics. So this month, he's been busy...

Upgraded Charting

The first port of call was to look at the way in which we were visualising the rich data captured within the Weekly10 employee check-in. As things stood, we were providing the data but in a pretty basic way and we all agreed more flexibility in our analysis was required.

Now, however, our charts have had a serious facelift with a brand new design for them. More importantly, we have added a host of options that allow anyone trying to analyse employee engagement or performance data to filter, view and segment data across a range of business variables.

If you want to split data and compare it by team or department, now you can with a single click. Or if you have multiple office locations and you'd like to see which office has the best employee engagement score, you can now compare by location. New filtering options also mean pinpointing the exact data you want to see and obscuring that less relevant to what you require is quick and simple. You can drill down into your engagement data in a whole manner of ways (dependent on permissions of course).

The new charts are currently available for check-in questions, recognition data, and sentiment analysis. Why not log on and see what your data is telling you about employee engagement in your organisation?

Some exciting new updates coming...

One of the driving forces behind the change to our employee engagement analytics suite now is the imminent arrival of a brand new metric to the Weekly10 platform, the W10EEB (or Weekly10 Employee Engagement Benchmark), which will rate and provide insights on the big 5 areas of engagement:

  • Discretionary Effort
  • Pride
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Advocacy
  • Feeling Valued

This update will be rolling out next month, so keep your eyes peeled.