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How managers can make or break employee engagement.

Managers and employee engagement are directly linked. How well you manage, communicate and support your team has a huge influence on how engaged they are. Here's what you can do to help your people become more engaged at work.

Managers account for 70% variance in engagement statistics. Managers are responsible for setting goals and motivating employees to reach them. They should frequently exchange open and honest feedback with their staff which requires a high level of trust. Beyond feedback, managers should take the time to recognise employee contributions and achievements, while identifying employees who show enough promise to be promoted.

Spot disengagement

It's your responsibility as a manager to understand how your people are feeling and performing. The insights you receive from their Weekly10 check-in helps you identify changes in behaviour over time. The regular cadence and framework also builds trust so they feel they can be honest with you. 

The structured format helps you easily spot nuances that indicate disengagement such as:

  • persistently late check-ins
  • missed check-ins
  • fewer details within the submitted check-ins
  • numerical question responses dipping significantly

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Identify future superstars

One common reason that people leave their jobs is because of lack of development. Understanding your people's wants and career development will enable you to proactively coach or mentor them through regular, two-way feedback through the Weekly10 check-in framework.

Ask questions that encourage them to share their personal goals and the support they need to achieve those goals - you'll soon see the cream rising to the top.

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Encourage behaviour changes for personal development

Regular, light-touch feedback is the best way to build change. Small changes made over time are easier to maintain than step-change behaviours. That's why the traditional cycle of annual reviews just don't work. It's too much feedback delivered too late.

The Weekly10 check-in gives you the framework to deliver feedback that makes a lasting difference.

By reviewing your employee's check-ins, you're showing them that their work matters and that they are valued. Your specific, timely, honest feedback will lead to incremental change that helps your people to develop their skills.

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Give your people the recognition they deserve

To truly excel at work, people need to feel engaged with their work. Feeling valued is one of the five pillars of employee engagement. The easiest way to help someone feel valued is to give recognition for their contribution. 

Recognition is simply calling out someone's contribution. This can be done publicly or privately, by a manager or a peer.

Though peer-to-peer recognition tends to have more impact on employee engagement than manager recognition, it's important that you champion your own people. You can do this through the @mentions feature in the Weekly10 check-in.

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Tell your senior leaders about the great work your team are doing

Visibility is a two-way street. Employees want to know that they're working towards something that matters. Also, they want to know that the senior leadership team is seeing their contribution. 

Use Pass-ups to showcase the great work that your employees are delivering, share their ideas, or rasie their concerns to the senior team.

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Managers and employee engagement go hand-in-hand. Learn more ways to improve your impact on your team with this handy guide: