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Workplace feedback is key to creating a culture of employee engagement and boosting productivity

Focus on engagement. Reap the benefits.

Weekly10's employee engagement and performance management platform helps tackle one of the biggest workplace challenges firms and chambers face. Boost your engagement today.

#1 for Employee Engagement & Performance Management in the UK Legal Sector

Make feedback habitual

Frequent, open and two-way feedback has been shown to be the most effective approach to building long-term engagement. Leverage the power of feedback with our habit-forming employee check-in.

Recognise your top talent

Our 'mention' and 'pass-up' functions allow your practice managers, lawyers, admin and everybody else to highlight the great work of those across the firm that might otherwise be missed.

Track performance

Ensure you're on top of performance, week in, week out with our SMART goals/OKR feature. Set, measure and adapt to keep your firm on target and relevant.

Easy, effective reviews

With all the data from your firm's weekly check-ins, performance reviews are now based on hard evidence and learnings rather than guesswork and memory.

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Employee Engagement for the Legal Sector

The legal sector is falling behind!

AON's 2018 ‘The State of Partner and Employee Engagement in the Legal Sector’ report found following the polling of 10,000 legal professionals, just 52% of employees are engaged in their work and with their firm. This is not a great showing. In fact, employee engagement in the legal sector is lower than across similar professional service industries such as IT (78% engaged), marketing (73% engaged), accountancy (69% engaged) and finance (66% engaged), with the average being 52%.

This is not a great showing. In fact, employee engagement in the legal sector is lower than across similar professional service industries such as IT (78% engaged), marketing (73% engaged), accountancy (69% engaged) and finance (66% engaged), with the average being 59%.

The report highlighted some key differences within engagement across roles, with Partners the most engaged at 66% and associates being the least engaged at just 43%. Trainees, support staff and business service employees fell in between, but none of these scores make for particularly good reading.

Why worry about employee engagement?

A key success metric for any progressive law firm, employee engagement is the level at which your staff are emotionally attached with your business and its aims. Effective employee engagement strategies have been shown conclusively to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, retain customers at a greater rate, and boost overall profits

Let us show you around…

The Weekly10 Check-in

Our flexible process allows employees to check-in from anywhere.

Empower managers to provide regular and consistent feedback to help grow employees

Celebrate success and encourage employees to recognise peers every week

Provide visibility to your top talent using pass-ups and help identify future leaders.

Employees know how they impact the company and focus on what matters.

Employee engagement trends, benchmarking and performance data help improve productivity and engagement at your firm.

You're free to build your own weekly check-in of course, but for those looking for a helping hand, our question bank is here to help.

How Weekly10 boosts engagement...

Weekly10 aims to demonstrably improve employee engagement at any firm, by introducing our weekly check-in, built from the ground up to target and improve key employee behaviours, perceptions and attitudes. Supported by our work with academic partners, our in-house People Science team and the most-up-to-date machine learning tools, Weekly10 is sure to help you build a better culture and unlock the full potential of great engagement through the impact of frequent workplace feedback.

Let us show you around…

Performance Management for Law Firms

A more effective way to manage performance and engage your staff with your firm's objectives.

Combining goals, recognition and 360° feedback managers get a true picture of performance.

Our powerful platform allows employees to align goals to the team, department or wider organisation.

With Weekly10's check-ins employees can continuously engage with their goals.

Streamline and power up your performance reviews too!

A fantastic benefit to the weekly check-in approach used by Weekly10, is all the data collected over a time period. This data includes the thoughts and opinions of your staff, their goal/OKR performance, how often they have been mentioned or passed-up and a whole host of other useful insights.

Coupled with our fully-customisable review templates and 360-degree feedback, this data can mean your performance reviews are fully prepped and ready to run in minutes, over hours or even days.

Fancy a free demo?

Whether it's employee engagement or performance management for law firms or chambers, our bespoke demo can show you how Weekly10 is helping hundreds of customers build a better culture. Or simply check out our 10-minute video demo.


How do you get to know my firm?

We believe that in order to best help you and your firm improve employee engagement and performance, we need to understand what makes you, you. That’s why you’ll have a dedicated account contact who along with our People Scientists will work to learn all we can about your law firm, the specific challenges you face and where you’re looking to go.

What other legal firms do you work with?

We work with a host of legal firms both here in the UK and internationally across Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.
Our clients range in size from as few as 4 employees all the way up to 5,000+. These employees range in where they work too, from office-based to remote workers, from ‘on-the-roaders’ to those on secondment.

Can we try out the platform?

We offer a fully-supported 3-month pilot of the full platform, during which you are free to see how Weekly10 fits within the ecosystem of your firm and how we can help you build a better workplace culture.

Where can I read more about employee engagement?

The CIPD has a fantastic engagement resource library, well worth a look for those wanting to learn more.
Be sure to also check out the Weekly10 Employee Engagement blog, where we write frequently all about employee engagement, performance management and a whole host of workplace issues (including equality, diversity, parental leave, remote working etc.).

How much does Weekly10 cost?

We offer a cost per user based on the size of your firm, with the more employees added the lower the cost per user.
For more information, visit our pricing page.

Have any questions?

Our team would be happy to help your firm improve employee engagement or build a performance review process that actually helps your staff reach their full potential. Let us know how we can help.