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Employee engagement, feedback and performance management in Slack

Understand how your people are performing, what they need to be at their best, and where the company is heading. All through Slack.

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Build a better culture with transparent and open employee feedback in Slack

Managers, employees and leaders sharing honest and two-way feedback leads to growth and progress for all. Regular, transparent feedback helps your people to make incremental improvements over time.

Our simple, habit-forming weekly employee check-in for Slack encourages you and your people to open up about the good, bad and ugly of working life so that better can be built today.

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Ensure everyone is on task. Track OKRs and goals in Slack

Our OKRs and goal tools for Slack help managers gain visibility on where their teams are at. If a task is no longer a priority or needs updating, no problem, within seconds managers can keep their teams moving in the right direction.

Employees get to see how they are contributing to wider company goals and update their manager’s every check-in to raise any issues or big wins.

Weekly10 | Workplace recognition helps identify over-achievers

Unearth your top talent with employee recognition in Slack

Recognition and visibility are two of the key elements that build a highly engaged workforce. They help to highlight great work that might go missed, identify your new managers & leaders and help make people feel part of a business.

Our recognition questions and manager pass-up tools make it easy for your people to share success stories, raise concerns and shine a light on excellence in a simple yet effective way.

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