Microsoft Viva Performance Management

Achieve more with Weekly10 and Microsoft Viva

Powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced through Microsoft Teams, Weekly10 gives you a holistic employee performance experience.

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90% less admin than Microsoft Viva performance management tools

Set and update goals and OKRs, and run performance reviews, 1:1 meetings or ad hoc conversations with your people. All with Weekly10 in Microsoft Viva in Microsoft Teams.

Build meeting agendas directly from your Weekly10 check-in history. All with 90% less admin. Record actions, feedback and progress. Schedule time for future meetings, and more. Our performance management tool built for Microsoft Viva helps keep you in the know without eating up your most precious resource, time.

Performance with Weekly10 and Microsoft
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Align Goals and OKRs in Microsoft Viva

Stay on top of company objectives and give visibility to your teams. No more spreadsheets or disconnected paperwork. Managers get complete visibility of their team’s progress. And your people understand their contribution to company success. All within Microsoft Viva through Microsoft Teams.

Your people and managers start to focus on continuous performance rather than quarterly or annual reviews. Managers can coach their teams to make gradual improvements weekly rather wait for 1 to 1 meetings or annual reviews.

Goal-setting using Weekly10 and Microsoft

Microsoft Viva performance management for manager feedback

Regular feedback means better engagement in Microsoft Viva

Using Weekly10 in Microsoft Viva increases employee engagement. Employees complete their Weekly10 check-in by sharing their thoughts, ideas, experiences and updates. Managers can then give regular and specific feedback to their direct reports. They can also share key information up the organisation.

Adoption and interaction are high. That’s because your people complete their Weekly10 check-in through Microsoft. They’re in the tech every day so it’s a familiar setting. The @mention feature encourages teamwork and peer recognition too.

Feedback with Weekly10 and Microsoft

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