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Empower your HR team with Microsoft 365

The only employee performance, goals, recognition, and feedback HR platform that integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft environment.

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Manage performance reviews with Weeky10 + Microsoft 365

Lighten the load for HR with Weekly10 + Microsoft 365

Manage employee profiles using Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Microsoft Azure Active Directory) for security and efficiency. Choose from out-of-the-box and custom workflows and templates to make it easier for HR to administer the performance process through Microsoft 365. Take advantage of our Outlook calendar sync to auto book in 1:1 meetings, performance conversations, and reviews. Saving managers and employees time and energy. And it makes meetings happen too.

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Microsoft 365 empowers HR

The check-in process makes performance painless

Weekly10 makes it easy and effective for employees and managers to succeed. Employees build their performance portfolio every time they check-in. This feeds performance conversation agendas which reduces recency bias, subjectivity, and preparation time. Goals stay top of mind because they’re part of the staff check-in process too, giving you real time status updates. Without leaving your Microsoft 365 environment.

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Employee Recognition and Sentiment in Microsoft 365

Create the environment for sustainable engagement with Microsoft 365

Employees share their success and challenges, asking for help where needed. And managers give timely feedback. That’s the foundation of high engagement. Add peer recognition and employee visibility to the mix and you’ve got the building blocks for sustainable, long-term engagement that improves performance. All with a simple 10 minute employee check-in through Microsoft Office, Outlook, or Teams.

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Microsoft Single Sign On software integration

Manage your Weekly10 subscription through Microsoft

Great for teams with a long or complex procurement process. Or if you want get up and running super quickly. You’ll subscribe to Weekly10 using the Ts & Cs you’ve already signed under Microsoft’s agreement. Manage your user numbers, subscription and renewals in your Microsoft 365 environment. And be billed in your local currency.

*Coming soon: Weekly10 will contribute to your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC).

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