Employee Feedback in Microsoft Teams

Understand your people with employee feedback in Microsoft Teams

Regular feedback increases employee engagement, performance and wellbeing. That’s because making smaller changes more often is easier than big New Year’s Resolution style transformations. Use a weekly check-in to gather and respond to employee feedback.

Employee Feedback in Microsoft Teams with Weekly10
Weekly10 | Two-way feedback drives employee engagement in Microsoft Teams

Get a better understanding of your culture with employee feedback in Microsoft Teams

Feedback is the most effective tool for growing as a business. Weekly10 helps companies to create to a culture that encourages better employee feedback. And the more often it happens, the more engaged you people feel.

Weekly10’s employee check-in is based on behavioural science best practice. It’s a process for collecting two-way feedback between employees and their managers, as well as collating 360 feedback and peer recognition.

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Use the employee check-in for more regular feedback

The Weekly10 check-in gives your people the process to share updates with their manager. Managers respond with timely, specific feedback to help their people make smaller, incremental changes to improve their performance. It’s a little but often approach that’s proven to work.

Make employee feedback something you people look forward to sharing each week to help build a transparent company culture.

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employee feedback in Microsoft Teams

Use employee feedback in Microsoft Teams to drive performance

Goal setting and tracking is a key element of the weekly check-in. Managers can create goals for individuals, teams or departments and get regular updates on their progress.

When your people check-in, they update goal progress and managers can simply review and offer help or support. This light weight approach to performance management makes things easier for your teams and more effective for your business.

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