Employee Feedback in Microsoft Teams

Understand your people with employee feedback in Microsoft Teams

Ask your employees for feedback frequently to unlock impactful employee insights. The Weekly10 employee check-in is the best employee feedback platform for Microsoft Teams.

Employee Feedback in Microsoft Teams with Weekly10
Weekly10 | Improve employee feedback using Weekly10 in Microsoft Teams

Get a better understanding of your culture with employee feedback in Microsoft Teams

Feedback is the most effective tool for growing as a business. Our employee feedback platform helps transparent, honest employee feedback.

Weekly10’s employee check-in is based on behavioural science best practice. It helps create a culture that encourages open, two-way feedback between managers and their teams. Use this to introduce new processes, unearth hidden talent and address issues before they escalate.

Weekly10 | Two-way feedback drives employee engagement in Microsoft Teams

Frequency and simplicity for better workplace feedback

Collect insightful feedback from your people by using a check-in built to encourage feedback that’s little and often.

The latest behavioural thinking shows that how often we practice a skill and how easy it is to practice are key drivers of creating a habit. Make employee feedback a habit for your people with Weekly10. An employee feedback platform that’s built to improve company culture through feedback.

Weekly10 | Two-way feedback drives employee engagement in Microsoft Teams

Tools to help collect great feedback in Microsoft Teams

Our question bank helps you build a robust check-in if you’re not sure on how best to phrase your questions. Recognition questions help unearth hidden talent. Manager pass-ups mean the good work of your people gets seen quickly.

These are just a few of the tools on offer with Weekly10 that help to collect, measure and act upon employee feedback in Microsoft Teams.

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