Just 3% of new hires see a long-term career in hospitality

Reduce employee attrition and increase employee involvement with Weekly10

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Major Challenges in the Hospitality industry

Retaining talent and continuity hinders the potential of your business

High Employee Turnover

Employee attrition in the hospitality industry is three times higher than the UK average.

It costs over 50% of an annual salary to hire and train a new employee.

Industry Turnover
UK Benchmark

Transparency & Prospects

When asked, employees say they want increased transparency and involvement in the business whilst a large percentage also want better career prospects.

Increasing communication and visibility helps increase innovation, involvement and performance.

% of Workforce
who want more transparency
% of Workforce
who want better career prospects

Improve your workplace culture with Weekly10

Using a simple 10 minute check-in available on web and mobile, Weekly10 opens up your business to all your employees. Providing support to new starters and embeding a growth mindset in your existing employees.

A little, often

Our check-in provides a quick, regular way for employees to provide feedback and ask for support.

Make recognition easy

Employees are encouraged to recognise others and share success through our mobile app.

Employee exposure

Our powerful 'pass-ups' allow good work to be shared quickly to senior management.

Powerful Analytics

Our AI powered analytics track sentiment and risk across your business and individual locations.


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